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Tigelle by Michelin-starred restaurant Trattoria Amerigo

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Weight: 300 g

Tigelle, a specialty from the Modenese Appennines, are a delicious, tasty and easy-to-make appetizer to open your dinner. The name comes from the round disk in terracotta that was used to cook this flat bread (from the Latin tegere which means to cover). A dough made of flour, salt and water was divided into many pieces which were then piled up in this order: first a tigella disk that had previously been heated over the fire, then a dried chestnut leaf boiled in water, then a layer of dough, a leaf and a tigella and so on. The pile was then placed next to the fire where the bread cooked slowly and took on its aromas from the leaves and its typical flat shape from the clay which also gave them their surface pattern (usually a Celtic six-pointed rose). This fascinating procedure started in the mountains, but today tigelle are widely eaten all around the Emilia-Romagna region.

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