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Artichoke & truffle cream

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Weight: 110 g

Abruzzo produces some of the finest saffron in the world: the most precious, sought-after and appreciated spice since ancient times. It is often referred to as 'red gold', as the stigmas have to be pinched off by hand and in order to obtain only 1kg of it, 150,000 flowers must be harvested and meticulously dried. In the heart of Abruzzo, Giulio Garzisi collects the saffron buds every morning, just before the rays of sun touch the fields and make the flowers bloom. This ensures that the stems have been protected by the petals from being violated by ravaging winds or unwelcome insects, thus keeping the product 100% pure. The stems are then separated from the rest of the flower by hand and dried on the embers of a fire of oak, almond and cherry wood. This process gives the saffron a unique flavour and aroma!

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