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Mirum 2014, Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva DOCG, Fattoria La Monacesca (3 bottles /unit)

CHF 75.00

Product Description

Origin: Le Marche, Italy
25 CHF/bottle, sold in a carton of 3

Verdicchio is considered one of Italy’s best white-wine grape varieties. Its use has been documented in Le Marche since the 14th century. The Verdicchio di Matelica Riserva is the appellation used only for the very fi nest wines made from Verdicchio di Matelica grapes. It is of superior quality but it is only produced in small quantities. The producer of Mirum, Aldo Cifola, has remained true to his traditional approach, eschewing oak, and capturing the essence of Verdicchio grapes. Mirum 2014 has scooped the Tre Bicchieri award by Gambero Rosso (generally accepted as the most authoritative guide to Italian wines) as well as the 5 Grappoli (highest score) by the Italian Sommeliers Foundation. Its secret is low yielding, late harvest, old vine Verdicchio sourced from a marvellous parcel of land high in the Apennines. The cold nights and hot days in the Matelica valley deliver a rare balance of lively acidity and a high level of alcohol. The sensory profi le of this wine is defi ned by its remarkably aromatic nose, which releases intense scents of toasted almonds, citrus, honey and crusted bread. On the palate, it is balanced, rich and seemingly endless. Best served at about 12°C.

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