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Pletter 2013, Trentino Lagrein Riserva, Cesconi (3 bottles / unit)

CHF 90.00

Product Description

Origin: Trentino, Italy
30 CHF/bottle, sold in carton of 3 bottles

In a region where about 2/3 of the wine production consists of white wines and the red wine scene is dominated by international grape varieties, this month Edmond has carefully picked your wine among the few local red varieties, i.e. the sour-cherry-flavoured Marzemino, the blackcurranty Teroldego and the richly chocolatey Lagrein.
A test of time, Lagrein is an ancient variety that’s been mentioned as early as the 1500s (yep, it’s older than Cabernet Sauvignon!). With only about 420 hectares in the region - and possibly in the entire world, with the only exceptions of Australia and the USA - Lagrein is relatively hard to find outside of Italy.
In the local dialect the term “pletter” - from the German “Blätter” meaning leaves - indicates a type of sedimentary rock (sandstone) from which some of the surrounding terrain originates, because of the layers present in the rock.
Dark fruit and earthy pepper notes with relatively high tannins and acidity. This wine is aged for 12 months in small oak barrels (barriques).
The production of this wine is closely linked to seasonal trends; Pletter is produced only in the years that allow for the full ripening of the grapes.

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