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Pepo 2012, Montepepe (3 bottles / unit)

CHF 78.00

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26 CHF/bottle, sold in carton of 3 bottles.
Origin: Lunigiana, Italy

This rare red wine is made from the Massaretta grape variety, also known as Barsaglina, which is grown only in Lunigiana, Italy. Most often used to add color and tannins to blends, Massaretta was near extinction in the late 20th century until a Tuscan wine producer revived its plantings. It is suggested by some researchers that there may be a relationship with the notable Tuscan grape variety Sangiovese. The Pepo 2012 was produced in very limited quantity (860 bottles). Aged in 50 hl casks (tonneaux) for 18 months. Massaretta grape tends to make deeply coloured and tannic wines with dominant aromas of dark fruit and violets. Pepo pairs perfectly with cheese and cold cuts. Best served at 16°-18° C

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