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Ricciarelli di Siena with cocoa powder - 140g

CHF 7.80

Product Description

Weight: 140g

The softness and sweetness of the almonds, the sugary powder that covers them and the ancient traditions they represent, make Ricciarelli di Siena a fantastic treat. So unique and precious that the local producers have succeeded to have them declared a product of "protected geographical indication" (PGI), thus preserving and protecting the original recipe.

Made of a mixture almonds, sugar, cocoa powder and honey, finely refined and worked together with egg whites to form a very soft and aromatic dough, Ricciarelli are distinctly different from normal marzipans. Once baked, they are then dusted with a layer of icing sugar. With their extreme softness and delicate taste, Ricciarelli di Siena are a special sweet treat.

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