Meet our Artisans

Edmond’s products are made with real devotion by craftspeople who often do not have the resources to take them outside their territory. Edmond helps them to tell their stories and to reach new food enthusiasts

Garofoli Winery

Scarzello's wine

The Scarzello family has been in wine-making for the last 70 years. In the 40s, they started the vinification of grapes harvested from the vineyards in the family owned estate in Barolo, the heart of Langhe.

Le Cinque Ragazze Pasta

The Story of Le Cinque Ragazze

The pasta made by Le Cinque Ragazze expresses the full flavour and essence of the Le Marche hills. The artisan laboratory is located in Campofilone, a small town known for its ancient pasta hand-making tradition.

Libero Carletti Cheese

The story of Libero Carletti and his cheeses

Libero Carletti, long time traditional food enthusiast, devoted his life to produce excellent cheese. His products are made with milk coming from his livestock and aged in natural cellars.

Giuseppes Donkey Farm

Giuseppe's Donkey Farm

Due to his unusual fixation on donkeys, Giuseppe Borghi was always considered peculiar. He didn’t mind however, as he had been following a dream since he was a boy. And now that it has become reality, he can’t stop smiling.

Cinta Senese Passion

Cinta Senese passion

15 years ago, when Tiziano Borghi was a plants merchant, he received 3 Cinta Senese pigs from a Tuscan friend. This event changed his life and gave him the opportunity to dedicate himself to his passion for pig breeding.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Back to the roots of Parmigiano Reggiano

Caseificio Santa Rita produces an exclusive Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, made from Modenese White Cow’s milk, an officially extinct breed. This excellent cheese is produced by only two cheese factories in the world, which shape just one cheese wheel daily.

Sfoglia Rina

Sfoglia Rina: a family tradition

With artisanal products produced with attention and care, Sfoglia Rina recovers the traditions of the region and the flavours that accompany it.

Antica Cascina

Antica Cascina: a family tradition

Antica Cascina produces cold cuts and specialities from the gastronomic tradition of Piedmont. Focusing on quality and following the ancient traditions handed down over the years by master artisans, Antica Cascina blends passion and knowledge.

Piron el furnar

Piròn èl Furnar: the flavour of tradition

Piron él Furnar is located in the old town center of Bologna. Since 1883, the baking culture has been passed down from generation to generation. The secret lies in the simplicity of the ingredients and adherence to traditional recipes.

Giorgios tiny farm

Giorgio's tiny farm

With a selection of legumes, vegetables, flour and meat from its own fields and livestock, Sapori Nostrani offers a variety of exquisite pasta, starters and sauces with a traditional delicious taste.

Fig Lanzino

How to prepare Fig Lonzino

As figs were once grown all over the countryside of Le Marche, one of the most common ways of preserving them was to turn them into sweet salami. Once dried, the figs were mixed with other traditional peasant ingredients: almonds, walnut pieces and star anise seeds.

Fattoria Zerbina

Fattoria Zerbina's excellent wine

“Sometimes the impact of a winery is so positive that it enriches a whole area with its quality, consistency and continuity. This is true of Fattoria Zerbina…” – The Gambero Rosso.

Every month is a pleasure-filled discovery! Edmond's products are always new, curious and of incredible quality. Thanks to them I discovered products of my country (and my own region) that I didn't know! And the journey has just started! I totally recommend to try Edmond: enter in this magic word of amazing food (and wine!)!

Giovanni Porcellana

We really enjoyed the Sardinian box: the servings were very generous, the fregula was a nice discovery, the meat was tasty and the pecorino cheese really splendid! A special mention to the sweet (I'm a fan of deserts) and we loved the wine. Looking forward to the next box!!

Elisabeth Haehni

True experience, true products and true passion for real taste directly at your door! Edmond Cuisine brings back real life. Well done!

Cristina Le Jeune Giacobbi

I like to say that Edmond Cuisine is excellent! My whole family liked it a lot. It is easy and delicious at the same time.

Andy Mack

To all foodies/gourmet/artisanal lovers out there: check this out! amazing products selected for you! I started with three boxes and keep getting amazed by the excellent selected products. Each box another trip. I personally have the individual items as real savers every time I need to come up with something when friends pass by spontaneously - the things in common? Everyone asks where I got the products from :) Yam!

Irene Kitsara

Absolutely recommended! So far each box has been an authentic pearl of taste. Best dinners I have ever had in Geneva. Excellent artisanal products but only for educated palates! I only wish I could have more of this Italian art of living in Switzerland.

Matteo Gragnani

I think is an excellent deal. The price is fair and the food is very very good. We took the one year plan and are super happy with it.

Paulo Andrade Pinto

I tried 2 different boxes and they were both extremely good! The products are very well selected, really good quality, thank you!

Bettina Hamoudi

I'm always looking for different artisan products I can include in my cooking. It's sometimes hard to find that in Switzerland so I decided to try out Edmond Cuisine. So far, I have to say I am really happy with the service. The foods and products chosen from different regions in Italy are very well curated, high quality and incredibly tasty. I'm always so excited to get my box delivered to my door because I get a different culinary experience each time! The wine always goes perfect with the chosen products. Overall, A++. Super excited for my next box!!

Emanuela Campanella

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